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Hier eine Liste mit Anti Spam Software (für alle Unbelehrbaren)

SurfSecret SpamDrop 1.0.1 Free Anti-Spam Solution for Outlook XP/2000/2002
SurfSecret SpamDrop is an Outlook 2000/2002/XP add-in that protects you from spam and viruses automatically. Best of all, it's free for personal use. All you need is Outlook 2000/2002/XP. (Support for other e-mail programs including Eudora and Outlook Express are on the way.) With SpamDrop, you become a member of a spam-blocking community. As you delete spam from your in-box, it gets removed from thousands of other in-boxes around the world. You receive the same benefit as a member of the community:

SpamCatcher 3.0 Block 99% of unwanted email
Stop spam now! Take control and make spam go away forever. SpamCatcher blocks 99% of your unwanted emails, making sure you get only the email you want. Save time, protect your family from offensive material and take control of your inbox. With SpamCatcher, you get the best real time anti-spam protection in the world.

Spam Buster 1.9 Quickly delete junk e-mail
Are you frustrated with the ever increasing amount of junk e-mail filling up your mailbox? Do you wish you had a quick and effective way to get rid of the junk e-mail that continuously clogs up your mail system? If you've answered Yes to the above then you need Spam Buster. Spam Buster is an e-mail filter tool that specifically attempts to get rid of the junk before the junk gets to your incoming mailbox.

NoSpeakEng 0.05 Plugin for SpamPal
96% of the spam is using the English language. But 60% of email users in the world do not ever use the English language.

Flamethrower 1.1.1 blocks spam from passing through Microsoft Exchange and Outlook
FlameThrower is a client-based product that works with your e-mail system to identify "spam," or junk e-mail, and keep it out of your in-basket.

Bulk-email Spamless Sender Send bulk email with HTML & personalized messages
Bulk-email Spamless Sender is a powerful email software to send bulk email messages that are personalized for each recipient, and deepen your relationships with customers, market your products and services globally. Bulk-email Spamless Sender allows you send bulk email without SMTP Server

Outlook Spam Filter 2.0 Microsoft Outlook add-on to block Spam
Outlook Spam Filter 2.0 is an easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook? add-on designed to provide an advanced protection against spammers and unsolicited emails. The program uses Bayesian filtering technology that identifies about 97% of incoming spam messages. Outlook Spam Filter seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft Outlook workspace, scanning and quarantining away junk emails. Caught spam is placed in a special 'Spam' folder under your inbox if you ever want to review it later.

InBox Filter 2.0 Deletes spam from e-mail accounts
InBox Filter is an Anti-Spam Tool, which can detect and delete your unwanted messages by the filters, which you modify. Program includes checking function, checking and deleting function and mailbox browsing function. During these functions you can check, detect and delete unwanted messages safely. Save time and money reading your mail.

Postal Inspector for Microsoft Outlook Express 3.0 Say goodbye to spam
Outlook Express is the most popular email client on the market, and Postal Inspector is a comprehensive tool to stop all unwanted email from penetrating its Inbox. Our Postal Inspector Software installs directly into the Outlook Express window, running quietly in the background scanning & quarantining away time wasting annoying junk email.

SubRosaSoft MailGuardian 1.0.1 Redirects your emails and blocks SPAM
SubRosaSoft Mailguardian is a collection of tools that help guard your eMail. Integrating automated redirecting and very flexible blocking, it not only helps manage your important or urgent emails but can remove most unwanted emails before you have to bother with a long list of spam.

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