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?Back to basics? as courier scammers skip fake fees and missed deliveries

Posted on 20 Sep 2021 at 2:09 pm
"Stop. Think. Connect." Say those words aloud - and please pronounce the pauses prescribed by the periods!

OMIGOD, an exploitable hole in Microsoft open source code!

Posted on 16 Sep 2021 at 5:55 pm
Got Linux? Here's a bug you weren't expecting, in software you might not even know you have.

S3 Ep50: Two 0-days plus another 0-day plus a fast food bug [Podcast]

Posted on 15 Sep 2021 at 5:31 pm
Bugs! So many bugs! Latest episode - listen now...

Apple products vulnerable to FORCEDENTRY zero-day attack ? patch now!

Posted on 14 Sep 2021 at 5:45 pm
Double trouble: two zero-days, patched in the same emergency update. So please don't delay - patch today!

Serious Security: How to make sure you don?t miss bug reports!

Posted on 13 Sep 2021 at 5:59 pm
Hey, let's create a text file that lists our security contacts! We'll call it... security DOT txt.

elijah wood - hot photos and porn

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